How do you charge?

We believe that charging a commission on the final, negotiated salary leads to incomplete recruitment practices and an almost irresistible incentive to secure the candidate the highest possible salary.

We charge a set hourly rate, which enables us to put the appropriate amount of time into differnt parts of he the process. We also have a small, flat engagement fee for a successful placement, so there’s still the incentive to find the perfect person quickly and efficiently.

We provide a weekly report, so you can see exactly what’s going on and where our efforts are focused.

We also invoice monthly, so costs are spread more evenly, benefitting your cash flow.

How long does recruitment take?

We allow up to 40 hours to get to an offer, per role, but we rarely reach this.

Typically we plan for;

·        0-10hrs: qualifications, research, vacancy adjustments and marketing and advertising set up.

·        10-20hrs: Candidate qualification and presentation

·        20-30hrs: First round Interviews

·        30-40hrs: Final interview and offer management

How many CVs will you supply?

We think the amount of skill and effort put into recruitment should be measured by the quality and relevant variations on the skills required and not the number of CVs sent for a role. That’s why we work hard on the candidate screen process to find you the best 4-6 CV for each role, depending on the seniority and complexity of the role.

Ideally we aim to do to present 6 CVs which lead to 4 interviews, which then produce 2 candidates to choose from.

What happens if you can’t place someone?

In practice, this has never happened because of the rigorous nature of our client onboarding and vacancy qualification as well as the research processes at the start and the best-in-class candidate experience we deliver. If we think we’re going to struggle to find suitable candidates we’ll look to notify you within 10 hours of starting the search. This give us the chance to work with you to make adjustments that will ensure we can tract the right candidates, who will be interested in the role 

How do your costs compare to the regular recruitment model?

The hourly rate + set engagement fee regularly beats the the standard agency fee. A recent case study showed we delivered a 27% saving on standard market rates as well as a far superior experience for both the client and the candidates.

An example is a recent senior IT Manager appointment with a £120K basic salary where our service saved the the client over £20,000 in fees.

One off roles with salaries less than £30,000 are usually cheaper to do through the traditional agency model,  but at that point the time v cost equation can also mean using us is the better option.

Why do you attend interviews?

There are a few reasons. Firstly, we’re very experienced in interviewing and can often add a lot of value to the process, drawing out strengths and weaknesses in candidates that might have otherwise been missed. Secondly, it gives the candidate continuity and support. If you recall, we act as your in-house recruiter, so it provides the candidate with a consistent point of contact at your company throughout the process which give them a good impression of your employer brand. If you really don’t want us involved, that’s ok, we don’t have to be. All of our clients have only ever had positive things to say about having us there though!

Should I do my recruitment myself?

DIY recruitment is a great option if you’re time and recruitment experience rich and  cash poor, especially if you have a strong network of suitable candidates for a majority of your roles.

If you’ve not done recruitment before you’ll need to learn some new skills and techniques in certain areas, like writing objective and non-discriminatory job specs as well as attractive adverts, to CV reviewing and candidate interviewing. This is not rocket science so if you have the interest in learning the skills required and the time for a bit of trial and error the whole exercise will probably put you in good stead for growing you business in the future. Do take on board though that  it can typically take 30-40 hours to successfully fill a role, first time.

At what point should I get an in-house recruiter?

We generally say that anything in between 2-12 hires per year merits an interim In-house recruiter, but this can vary slightly from business to business. 

What do you do differently from other recruiters?

We haven’t reinvented the wheel. Generally, the process is same, and we attract candidates from similar sources as other agents. What we do differently is focus our (and your) time and energy on the parts of the process that we know are the most important. These are the areas that have the most impact on producing a successful hire. Also doing the work under you company banner gives you more credibility and kudos, as candidates look at the process coming directly from you and not a 3rd party recruiter.