Delivered in a contracted, In-house Recruitment Consultant model we are able to;

Immerse ourselves in your company and culture and promote this successfully to the market

Align with your vision and values

Take responsibility for all your recruitment activities across the board

Here’s how we help:

1. Getting to know you

We work with you extensively at the start to build a robust and reusable qualification piece, getting to know your business properly including company history, culture and plans for the future.

Its here that we start to get a real understanding of who you are and who you’re looking for to take your business to the next phase of growth.


2. Shaping the offer:

We have a deep knowledge of the market, but we also validate that knowledge against present day conditions through thorough research. We’ll support you with expert advice on the available talent pool and salaries. This means we can pitch your offer at the right people,  attracting and engaging candidates that will not only fit into your business but contribute to your growth plans.

3. Candidate Engagement:

We go to market as the representative of your company raising the credibility of the company’s employer brand and the roles we work. This ensures all the attracted candidates experience the highest level of engagement, building a consistent and  positive journey from start to finish, regardless of outcome.


4. Sourcing and Shortlisting:

We use traditional sources for candidates including online advertising and  searching and professional networking and head hunting at senior level.

We invest our time reviewing CVs followed by comprehensive screening by phone of video, then shortlisting the best 4-8 candidates that we’re confident are a great fit for you.

5. Interviewing:

We’re on your side and by your side and throughout the interview process, using our expertise to ensure you get the most out of the time you invest in the process.

Being involved in the interviews also supports the candidates, ensure they perform at the best, giving you confidence that you’re getting the real person behind the CV.

6. Securing your new employee:

Making an offer in a way that provides the best chance of it being accepted is an art we’ve perfected. Much of the work has already been done with the great experience the candidate has had during the recruitment process but getting and acceptance to an offer still requires skill and finesse.

Because our compensation model is not connected to the size of the salary offered , you can trust us to have your best interests at heart.

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